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Question from Georgie


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Hi everyone, I just wondered how everone is doing with their crops?

So far I've had Radish, Spring Onions, a few Peas, Oriental Salad Leaves, new Potatoes and a few Strawberries, and they all tasted delicious. The next crop I'm hoping for is Broad Beans. I'm growing a few plants each of Witkiem Manita and Crimson Flour'd. They have plenty of buds and I'm hoping to beat my record of two ripe pods which was all I managed when I grew them for the first time last year!


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  • Posted: Sat. 6th June 2009 19:59

Harvest so far

Reply from Johnnie

Hi Georgie

We were really late on getting the allotment started this year so lots of produce growing but not so much eaten.

Great crop of strawberries and globe artichokes will be ready soon. Asparagus was hugely disappointing - supposed to have been harvestable this year but very thin and scrawny spears so left them.

Our small fruit trees have cherries and apples however the victoria plum (which we have had for three years now) still hasn't produced any blossom - any ideas why?

Good luck with the broad beans - we'll see if we can beat you :)


  • Posted: Sun. 7th June 2009 07:58


Reply from Joanne 9919

Hi Georgie,

You're doing really well considering the small space you're growing in.

Having got the allotment a little late for this year I'm only harvesting Strawberries at the moment.

The potatoes have put on alot of growth in the wet weather and will need earthing up again, and hopefully I'll be digging them up soon.

The peas are flowering and pods forming so it won't be long before they're ready.

I think the first tomatoes I'll be eating are the Micro Tomatoes which you kindly sent the seeds for. I have a tomato on the plant which is just starting to ripen now.


  • Posted: Sun. 7th June 2009 13:29

Great harvest

Reply from Wendy

Hi Georgie
I've had a great year so far and have grown a lot of veg that I've not grown before. Each success really gives you confidence to try something new. My broadbeans and peas have been great; radish, salad leaves, lettuce and spring onions are planted successionaly as with parsley and coriander and have cost me very little to grow compared to buying them at supermarket prices (plus they taste far more superior). I am now waiting for potatoes, beetroot, calebrese, squash and sweetcorn to mature outside and in the greenhouse I have aubergine and chillis fruiting up nicely and the sweetest cherry tomatoes.

I look forward to hearing about everyone elses crop successes and any recommendations.

Best wishes,
Wendy K.

  • Posted: Mon. 27th July 2009 14:24

Should we start separate threads?

Reply from Georgie

Hi Wendy

Thanks for picking up on this thread after such a long silence and well done with your fantastic harvest. I envy you your Broad Beans: although I had about 12 pods only one developed properly which I put down to the snails who ate just about every leaf on the plants. :(

On a brighter note my Courgette, Chillies, Cucumbers and Tomatoes are all looking good and I'm currently harvesting Raspberries and Physallis.

I wonder if we should start separate new threads for each edible plant we grow then members can share their favourites. What do you think?


  • Posted: Mon. 27th July 2009 20:54

Great idea!

Reply from Wendy

Hi Georgie

Think that's a great idea especially if we have problems with growing a certain veg/fruit? That way we can hopefully help out with queries/problems and recommend favourites etc.

What type of raspberry do you grow? I've heard that Autumn Harvest is a good cropper. I would like to try growing them next year as I adore raspberries.

I've attached a photo of my aubergine plants - one little fruit is forming at the back - I hope it reaches maturity!

What type of cucumber are you growing - inside or outside?


Great idea!

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  • Posted: Fri. 31st July 2009 14:19

Glad you agree

Reply from Georgie

Hi Wendy

You Aubergine certainly looks very healthy, good luck with it.

I have no idea what variety of autumn Raspberries I grow as both lots were kindly given to me 'unnamed'.

On the other hand I do know what Cucumbers I'm growing so I'll start a separate thread.


  • Posted: Sun. 2nd August 2009 20:05

Broad beans in Cumbria

Reply from Adam Rubinstein

I've always grown a dwarf broad bean previously because of the wind where I am but have always had disappointing results ( about 2 meals from a 3ft square bed. This year I tried 'Optica' which has been very successful and hasn't been too badly damaged by the wind. We've had quite a few meals and they're still coming. they're tender and very tasty.
We steam them and then dress with garlic olive oil, lemon juice and black pepper. Delicious

  • Posted: Wed. 9th September 2009 23:03

Autumn harvest

Reply from Wendy

Just wondered how everyone's got on and what plans anyone has for planting winter veg?

Have spent this week making red tomato chutney from the vast quantities of cherry tomatoes grown in our greenhouse and boiling beetroot which tastes sweet and delicious. I think I'll pickle some for over winter as well. The rhubarb is not so prolific now but the sweetcorn is ready any day.

Best wishes, Wendy

  • Posted: Fri. 25th September 2009 10:40