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Question from Barbara


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I have noticed references to 'add to group' but have not found how to create a group?

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  • Posted: Tue. 7th February 2017 05:40

Re: Group plants

Reply from Nicola

Hi Barbara,

Yes you can group plants in your list. To do this, select by ticking each plant you want in a group so the tick mark appears for each one at the left. Then click the 'tools' dropdown at the top to select 'copy to a group' or 'move to a group'. Then create your group name and save. If you want to later edit or delete a grouping select 'All groups' from the filter and then edit and delete will appear as options.

Plus some screenshots attached here too. I hope that helps?

Kind regards
p.s. Would you consider publishing your garden profile in our members' directory? We'd love to see it.

Re: Group plantsRe: Group plantsRe: Group plants

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  • Posted: Wed. 8th February 2017 06:50