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Monarda didyma

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Question from Sandy Rawlins


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My monarda didyma var 'Croftway Pink' has gone really leggy and seems to be shedding its leaves from the bottom up. It is new to my garden (planted last autumn) and is in a fairly shady border. I think it may have powdery mildew, or doesn't really like the shade. How do I treat this, can anybody help?

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  • Posted: Fri. 3rd July 2009 23:12


Reply from Georgie

Hi Sandy

Monarda is quite happy in a semi-shaded spot but as you have discovered it is very prone to powdery mildew. I pick off the worse affected leaves and find spraying the rest every few days with a teaspoom of bicarbonate of soda disolved in a litre of tepid water works very well and clears up the problem in week of so. You also need to ensure that the plant isn't dry at the roots and has good air circulation.

If your plant is unsightly and cannot be disguised by putting something else in front to hide the bare stems then you can cut it down to just above ground level and it will grow back. Good luck.


  • Posted: Sat. 4th July 2009 21:20