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Prunus Padus Colorata

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Question from Sheila Lawrence


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Please can you tell me if the fruits from the above can be used to make
> preserves as I cannot find any info. on this? The tree is really laden &
> it seems such a shame to waste them all. Many thanks
> Sheila Lawrence

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  • Posted: Wed. 8th July 2009 17:13

Jam ok, but seeds are poisonus

Reply from Lisa

Hi Sheila,

have a look on here http:// http://www.pfaf.org/database/plants.php?Prunus+padus
I think it is a really good site, but sometimes you might have problems loading it, so be patient.

I think the seeds conatin a poison, but jam should be ok.

Hope this helps,

  • Posted: Thu. 9th July 2009 08:06