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Please could you identify this plant

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Question from Brian


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This plant has just popped up in my garden. It is in a dry position behind my greenhouse and nearly under a big Yew tree. It is currently 14" tall, the single stem is round and very slightly hairy.
There are 3 leaves on each side stem, with a matching set opposite. The next set of leaves up the stem are at 90 degrees. The leaves have serated edges like a stinging nettle. The longest main leaf is 8cm long.
There is no smell.
I live in the country in the middle of Suffolk. As the plant has only recently been noticed it has not flowered and there are no signs of flowers or when it might flower.

Please could you identify this plantPlease could you identify this plant

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  • Posted: Thu. 7th September 2017 18:55

Re: Please could you identify this plant

Reply from Nicola

Brian, quite a few people on our social media say this is a marijuana or cannabis. Not sure but it may be? "Sativa" or a "Indica".

Another follower says "After reading gardening mags, he wouldn't be the first this (self-seeding of marijuana) has happened to". It can happen apparently.

Thomas Stone who is respected professional gardener says "It could be sown via birdseed, hempseed can germinate and looks the same but lacks the power of the weed"

Another message "Cleome spinosa looks like this too." "Or a Aesculus indica seedling."

Cheers, Nicola

  • Posted: Sat. 9th September 2017 17:43