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Another alpine puzzle

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Please help me identifying this little plant emerging from 10mm gravel in mid-April outdoors with spikes of bi-symetrical lilac flowers. Not I think an orchid because of the non-leathery leaves. Not a broomrape because it has leaves! So I don't even know its family!

Another alpine puzzleAnother alpine puzzle

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  • Posted: Tue. 2nd January 2018 12:36

Re: Another alpine puzzle

Reply from Jane Bingham - The Cheshire Garden

Hi, it is likely Ajuga or common bugle. I hope that helps?

  • Posted: Wed. 3rd January 2018 07:40

Probably A. reptans Pink Elf

Reply from Peter

Thanks Jane
Ajuga looks right. I should have noticed it has square stems and therefore in the Mint (Lamiaceae) Family.
However, it's not a typical A. reptans (Common Bugleweed) as this plant is very small (10cm) and is not vigorously spreading (yet). I looked at other species of Ajuga, but none fitted, so I have come to a tentative conclusion that is A. reptans 'Pink Elf', a compact cultivar, with mid pink flowers on 10cm purple stems; leaves deep almost glossy green with broadly rounded teeth.
Thanks again, I would not a got there without your help.

  • Posted: Wed. 3rd January 2018 13:24