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Where am I?

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Question from Georgie


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Just for a bit of fun I thought I'd post a photo of a place of interest I visited at the weekend and invite you guess where I was. The first clue is that I'm in England. :)


Where am I?

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  • Posted: Mon. 10th August 2009 19:48

First guess

Reply from Laura Thomas

Looks like I'm the first guess. Have to say I don't do many garden visits other than Wisley & Kew but my completely off the wall guess is:

Queen Mary's Garden - Regents Park

Hope other members post their guesses as this is an interesting and fun post Georgie - when are you going to post the answer?

  • Posted: Tue. 11th August 2009 10:12

When will I post the answer?

Reply from Georgie

Hi Laura

I won't say whether your guess is right or wrong at this stage to see if anyone else wants to play.

I thought I'd give it until Friday if you can bear the suspense. :D


  • Posted: Tue. 11th August 2009 18:38

Where am I

Reply from Lorna Hazeltine

Not going to spoil the fun as I know where it is!!!!

  • Posted: Tue. 11th August 2009 17:57

Cascades Gardens?

Reply from Nicola

Is it Cascades Gardens in Derbyshire?

  • Posted: Wed. 12th August 2009 16:43

Where am i

Reply from Debbie Burt

Think Laura is right with her guess

  • Posted: Wed. 12th August 2009 17:52

The answer

Reply from Georgie

Congratulations Laura, you were spot on. It is indeed Queen Mary's Gardens in Regents Park and well worth a visit.

Thanks to everyone who took part. Anyone else fancy having a go?


  • Posted: Fri. 14th August 2009 10:21

Slight advantage...

Reply from Laura Thomas

Hi Georgie

thanks for this mini-comp. was not completely sure it was Regents Park as your photo was very well set up from the other side of the Chinese bridge and pond. Just goes to show how lovely (and varied) our London park gardens are

Actually I held my wedding picnic not far from here last September - so I should have been able to guess :)


  • Posted: Mon. 17th August 2009 08:44

What a lovely idea...

Reply from Georgie

...to have a wedding picnic, Laura, I bet you all had a great time.

I love our London parks - I work around the corner from St James which is one of my favourites - yet people still refer this beautiiful capital as 'the smoke'. How wrong they are!


  • Posted: Mon. 17th August 2009 20:26

Love this!

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Georgie,
Thanks for starting this 'guess where I am' bit of fun. I have just moved to Southern California (my husband's job brought us here) and though it is sunny and warm, I never realised how much I would miss London! There are so many beautiful (and yes, peaceful!) spots that get overlooked/ignored. Thanks for sharing one of them!
Kathy C

  • Posted: Mon. 17th August 2009 22:42