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vegatables in containers

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General post from Sandra Messham


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This year I have grown potatoes , peas,broad beans, dwarf beans in bags and they have been great. The only one that didnt work out was Radish they bolted with nothing in the soil anyone know where I went wrong with them.

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  • Posted: Wed. 12th August 2009 19:27

Radish in containers

Reply from Georgie

Hi Sandra

First of all, many congratulations on your successes. There's nothing like growing your own is there?

I have very mixed results with Radish in containers so I can understand your frustration. In my expereince the round type such as 'scarlet globe' are the most reliable and I've come to believe that they are more successful in cooler summers than in hot ones. They don't need a lot of soil - in fact I've even grown them 12 to a half seed tray - but they do need a good moisture retaining compost. You don't say where your container was sited but my advice would be to keep it in a semi-shaded position and try again. Good luck.


  • Posted: Thu. 13th August 2009 20:34


Reply from Sandra Messham

Thanks Georgie
I will have a look for scarlet globe. I had planted the radish in a vegetable bag on the patio which is south facing so is in the sun all day so I will put them in the shade next time.

  • Posted: Sat. 15th August 2009 22:05