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hi, ive recently planted my fig tree outside. Upto this point i had it in a container indoors for a year. ive been watering but am wondering what else i hsould do to ensure it's survival as last week the roots seemed to be showing and the leaves werent looking too healthy. I put more soil around the roots and picked off the leaves that didnt look so good. Is there anything else i should be doing?
the first and last picture is after more soil had been added and the leaves picked and the second pic is how it looked when i realised something was going wrong?
Any advice on how to proceed would be great. thank you

Fig treeFig treeFig tree

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  • Posted: Wed. 25th July 2018 13:07

Re: Fig tree

Reply from Carol

It's a big change in conditions for the plant - especially with the weather like it is this summer. Maybe worth leaving a hosepipe on trickle for it (really almost just dripping overnight) to make it definitely wet enough. Or get some of those clever water devices that fit in a water bottle and trickle the water in.

  • Posted: Wed. 25th July 2018 19:41