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Photo from Claire Somerville


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I have had this in my garden since we bought the house 20 years ago. It has a height of about 50-100cm and spread about the same with tall dark pink flowers in June/July. The leaves are strange as they are different in the lower half of the plant and become palmate as the flower shoots up. Any ideas anyone?

What is this?What is this?

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  • Replies: 2
  • Posted: Sat. 3rd August 2019 20:51

Re: What is this?

Reply from Carol

Could it be one of the Sidalceas?

  • Posted: Sun. 4th August 2019 12:23

Re: Re: What is this?

Reply from Claire Somerville

I think it could be! Just had a look online and it looks similiar, especially the leaves. Thank you

  • Posted: Mon. 5th August 2019 17:15