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underplanting artemesia with bulbs

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Question from Edward Gregory


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if I place daffodil & tulip bulbs in a deep container under Artemesia Nana Attract do you think the bulbs grow through the artemesia?
The artemesia is about 6 months old and will cover the surface of the container which is about 45cms diameter.

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  • Posted: Wed. 11th September 2019 12:39

Re: underplanting artemesia with bulbs

Reply from Susan Bonnett

Hi Edward we had artemesia in our last garden and by chance grew daffodils through it. They were the tall variety so about 30cm tall which gave them the strength to force their way through.

If you were thinking of miniature narcissus then I don't know if they would be tough enough to get through the canopy.

Tulips are determined and will fight their way through but their stems could be contorted as though they have spondylitis.

I hope that is helpful.

  • Posted: Thu. 12th September 2019 09:20

Re: underplanting artemesia with bulbs

Reply from Edward Gregory

Thank you. Very useful information.
I will give it a go!
Plant up a large bulb (narcissi and tulips) lasagne and top off with Artemesia Nana.

  • Posted: Sat. 21st September 2019 18:31