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Help identifying a house plant

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Question from Daisy


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Hi! My partner’s sister brought me this lovely plant as a gift and I forgot the name of it after I got rid of the packaging, I can’t identify it at all from google searches and plant identifying apps come up with something different every time I take a new photo! The leaves are green, uniform in colour and shiny with a slight curl. The stems have these fantastic red pointy tips and one of them sprouted yellow stuff when it was very warm. Please help, I need to know how to care for it properly!

Help identifying a house plantHelp identifying a house plant

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  • Posted: Fri. 25th October 2019 12:35

Re: Help identifying a house plant

Reply from Jane

It looks like a bromeliad to me.
Use rain water to fill the urn in the middle and keep it topped up.
The plant does not take water or nutrients from the soil as it is an epiphyte and only uses it's roots to attach to a tree.

  • Posted: Wed. 6th November 2019 12:51