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Pruning climber for growth?

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Question from Owayne Haughton


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Real novice here so I hope my question makes sense! I took advice and planted 5 Jasmine climbers to hopefully 'spread' over/across my trellis structure - pictures attached. The specimens were recommended as they were slow growing so would be less work. I'm pleased with how thy've 'settled in' but I'm wondering as I want them to train across and upward, do I need to harshly prune them to achieve this? They were half the size shown and more bamboo support than leaf when planted so I'm loathed to prune at all (as I said I'm a novice) but I' wondering if I should actively do something(?) to promote upward growth. Many thanks in advance

Pruning climber for growth?Pruning climber for growth?Pruning climber for growth?

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  • Posted: Wed. 3rd June 2020 12:52

Re: Pruning climber for growth?

Reply from Mrs. S. M. Bentley

Choice of beautiful plant. As these are somewhat tender I would certainly not prune 'harshly'.
Depending where you live and if we have a cold winter, the weather will do that probably

  • Posted: Sun. 14th June 2020 08:25