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Question from Sheila Rhodes


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Thanks to Jason Lock - OK, I'll call it an Oriental area rather than Japanese. I like the sound of Gabro granite, and will look forward to seeing any photos you can provide. I'm still wondering how to plant dwarf cherries and Acers at a higher level than the rest of the garden, so that their form can be seen clearly.

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  • Posted: Wed. 23rd September 2009 19:04

Not so Dwarf

Reply from Jason Lock

Most dwarf Acers are not so dwarf at Wakehurst Place the sister garden to Wisley they had an Acer palmatum Dissectum, which most people believe is a dwarf Acer, not so this one, you could have driven a car under the canopy - agree it was way old, but not all that is dwarf, IS dwarf.

I would try making a raised bed from bamboo canes or banking up soil with vcareful placed rocks - rember though Oriental philosophy dictates that rocks like in nature should be arranged in odd numbers, and graduate in height based on triangles. Build using on this basis and you'll get the right effects.

Jason Lock MSGD

  • Posted: Wed. 23rd September 2009 19:13

Not so dwarf

Reply from Sheila Rhodes

Thanks again Jason. Of course you are right, and some Acers are not so dwarf . . . if only I had used a comma(!) and said "Dwarf cherries, a(comma) and Acers. I will try your suggestions: banking up soil with carefully placed rocks is probably the most oriental-appropriate. I've just looked at your deakinlock website, and LOVE No.3 with the beautiful basin in the middle of a pond - maybe I could incorporate a similar basin into my Oriental area?!

  • Posted: Wed. 23rd September 2009 19:20