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Comment from Martin Gale (windygale)


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the leave turning yellow could be a few things,
one, because it's a newly planted plant (this year) the roots may not out into the soil enough to surport the plants water requirements, dew to lack of rain or watering by yourself,
two, the plant may be planted in a windy enviroment, drying the leaves out,
three, a lack of food, mimerals or compost in the soil, the plant will shut down the lower leave to protect it self,
time of year when the plant sheds its leaves over winter,
i would mulch around the root area (6"deep and 2ft around ) then in spring time place some blood/fish &bone fertelizer around the root area, cover with fresh mulch and water more,

can you tell me how tall the plant is now, as you may to prune to half size to encourage more root run and to develope the plant sturcture.

i hope this helps

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  • Posted: Sat. 3rd October 2009 12:09

How nice of you to be back!

Reply from Nicola

Hi Martin - very happy to see a note from you. Many thanks for your advice for Anne too. She might not see it as you added your reply as a new thread. So I've added a link so she can find your answer and offer of help too. All the best, Nicola

  • Posted: Sat. 3rd October 2009 13:05