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Calystegia silvatica - Bindweed

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Question from emreddragon


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I have bindweed growing through my hedge and its spreading to my lawn and borders. I zapped it last year with glysophate which did the trick temporarily and I am watching for its new shoots daily, however my question is will the roots of it harm my plants in the border underneath the earth? I'm praying for some miracle cure to this horrid weed!

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  • Posted: Sat. 10th April 2010 21:11

Dealing with 'Bindweed'


In answer to your question, as long as you have not got gylphosate directly on the surrounding plants on application, there is no lasting toxic affects from this weedkiller as it is biologically neutralised by the soil.

Bindweed is also an indicator of high potassium levels in your soil.

from 'The Fertile Earth Consultancy' (see details under 'professionals/consultants)

  • Posted: Sun. 11th April 2010 19:47


Reply from emreddragon

Thanks Alistair. I am trying to pull it as it is growing new shoots now, but will apply some gylphosate if any of it gets past me!

thanks again.

  • Posted: Sun. 18th April 2010 23:37