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Sudden discolouration of indoor lilies

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Hello everyone. We have two different lilies: one a Peace Lily, indoors, one stem of which suddenly went completely yellow/brown (pic 1) recently while the other main stem remains normal. The leaves (pic 2) have also developed brown patches.
Pic 3 is a Calla Lily, also indoors, which has simultaneously developed brown spots in parts, as shown, just recently after the summer.
Does anyone know what might be wrong - and are they likely to be linked from the plants being in the same room? Is it an autumn phenomenon?
We've had them about 3 months and haven't done much differently recently. They have occasional quick spells on the patio when watering (once per 1-2 weeks), and therefore some brief exposure to external air conditions and autumnal winds.
Any suggestions welcome - thank you!

Sudden discolouration of indoor liliesSudden discolouration of indoor liliesSudden discolouration of indoor lilies

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  • Posted: Sat. 10th October 2020 12:18

Re: Sudden discolouration of indoor lilies

Reply from Mrs. S. M. Bentley

I have the former spathyphyllum rescued as throw out and feed every time it needs watering with apparently weak but measured Phostrogen and it only gets browned leaves if it gets dry which it never should or if it catches sun so I think yours is simply suffering from dryness, sun or wind.

  • Posted: Fri. 16th October 2020 14:58