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Is this s Salvia

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Question from Sue Hull


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I took these photos at Mottistone Gardesn IOW on a recent holiday. There was no label to identify it. There is a pale yellow and a red. It was late September, the bush was 0.80m high and same width. I thought it was a Salvia but cannot find it on any Google searches and downloading an app which thinks it is American Knotweed. Please help.

Is this s SalviaIs this s Salvia

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  • Posted: Sun. 11th October 2020 14:45

Re: Is this s Salvia

Reply from Simon Hickmott

No,not a Salvia. It's Mirabilis jalapa — Marvel of Peru, Four O'Clock Plant. This used to be a popular bedding plant, related to Bougainvillea. You can see why it never really caught on, though: the flowers stay closed until late afternoon.

  • Posted: Sun. 11th October 2020 21:38

Re: Re: Is this s Salvia

Reply from Nicola

Thanks Simon - once again for helping our members to identify their plants!

Hi Sue, here is Mirabilis jalapa (Marvel of Peru) in Shoot.

Hope that helps?

  • Posted: Mon. 12th October 2020 08:47

Re: Is this s Salvia

Reply from Nic Jennings

This is a night scented flower, if the temperature there is warm enough after dark it exudes a beautiful sweet aroma. The flowers can be any combination of yellow, pink and white or just one colour.
They grow wild all round my village here on Crete and the local council decimated them a couple of weeks ago in a "Strimmer clean-up" much to my chagrin.

  • Posted: Thu. 5th November 2020 18:56