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Advice on mint care?

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I was given a mint plant a day or two ago, and it's looking- well. Rather peaky. I've posted pictures at the end of this message.

The leaves are curled, very dry, and often full of holes. The plant as a whole seems to have gone spindly, as though it hasn't been getting enough sunlight. It lived outside until it was given to me, and now lives in the kitchen (we have no garden space), a room kept relatively cold and without much direct sunlight. The soil is composted and kept damp.

If anyone has any advice on how to care for this plant, to make it healthy and safe to eat, I would really appreciate it!

Advice on mint care?Advice on mint care?Advice on mint care?

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  • Posted: Sat. 31st October 2020 10:09

Re: Advice on mint care?

Reply from Mrs. S. M. Bentley

Think I would try to start again...it might have microscopic greenfly on it. Cut it right down removing leaves carefully. Do this outside if possible. Don't bring cut leaves back near it. Mint is incredibly tough so should reshoot. Mint plants are often sold inexpensively in supermarkets that sell good quality veg. If you buy choose cleanest freshest looking with new lower shoots...not necessarily the largest plant.

  • Posted: Sun. 1st November 2020 08:45