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Question from Katie


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I've had this plant/tree for a very long time. I recently repotted it, and it just exploded in size. I usually keep it outside all summer and bring it in in the winter. It has gotten midly frostbite before, and it recovered just fine. Anyway, since it now takes up a quarter of my living room, I love to know what it actually is. Thanks!

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  • Posted: Sun. 8th November 2020 01:33

Re: Houseplant--tree

Reply from Nicola

Hi Katie - seems your image didn't upload. Please may you try again? Reduce the file size to 4MB or less and reply to me or yourself to keep in the same thread. Thanks!

  • Posted: Tue. 10th November 2020 10:42

Re: Re: Houseplant--tree

Reply from Katie

I have to figure out how to do that.

  • Posted: Wed. 11th November 2020 03:56