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Altering my scale....help please.

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General post from Tracy Hipkin-Wale


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Hello all. I am new to Shoot Planner. Could you please advise how I can change my scale (in the preview) to 1:40? Is it even possible?

Thanks in advance.


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  • Posted: Fri. 29th January 2021 21:08

Re: Altering my scale....help please.

Reply from Nicola

Hi Tracy, welcome to Shoot!

In the Shoot garden planner you set the grid squares (e.g. 1m square) and all the shapes you add on top will automatically be to scale. The grid itself can be as large as you want.

A scale such as 1:50 or 1:100 only becomes important when you need to set the paper size to print on. We have a training document which explains how to manage paper size and scale.

We cannot upload PDFs here, but if you email us shoot@shootgardening.co.uk we will be delighted to email it to you.

Best regards,

  • Posted: Sat. 30th January 2021 07:29