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Question from Ian Bridgford


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Hi, It seems I get logged out after a short period if I don't do anything on the site.

Is it possible to create a longer delay before the site automatically logs you out ?


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  • Posted: Thu. 11th February 2021 17:50

Re: Auto log out question

Reply from Nicola

Hi Ian, we raised some funding earlier this year and we are in the process of completely rebuilding the website. We will be resolving that issue in the next version.

It is prudent in any case to log out and in and save regularly when using the garden planner as you may be logged out without being aware of it and your work may not be saved. We need to ensure all users of the garden planner are paying members and that is currently done on login. You should not leave that application open on your computer for long periods of time.


  • Posted: Fri. 12th February 2021 07:53