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Shrub Identity sought

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Question from James Macdonald


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I want to identify a shrub grown locally as a hedging plant
It is pretty 'leafy' (lush) just now (mid-Feb).
Photo of its leaf which is 6cm x 3cm & quite thin, pointed, darkish green upper , but much lighter underside, rather 'dullish visually'.
Generally 'spear' shape leaf, so it is pointed with a lightly serrated edge.
Shrub has single trunk quickly branching out to a fairly rounded form recently planted & currently around 80cm tall.
Looks to me rather like Mediterranean Buckkthorn (Rhannus Alaternus)
Any help much appreciated.

Shrub Identity soughtShrub Identity sought

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  • Posted: Mon. 15th February 2021 00:12

Re: Shrub Identity sought

Reply from Simon Hickmott

Daisy Bush, Olearia macrodonta. It's often sold as a hedging plant. Usually the leaves are spinier than this, but there is a lot of variation.

  • Posted: Tue. 16th February 2021 21:31