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Question from Sue Sunderland


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I planted 3 Angels Fishing Rods in a mixed border last year.
Following the harsh winter, they are looking a little sorry for themselves and I can see no new growth on the plants.
Can anyone tell me if I supposed to cut them down?

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  • Posted: Sat. 24th April 2010 08:23

Dierama latifolium

Reply from Katy Elton

Hi Sue,

Dierama latifolium are hardy so should usually be okay overwintering in the UK, however yours may well have fallen victim to the particularly harsh winter we experienced this year. As the plant is semi-evergreen it doesn't really require pruning or cutting back, other than removing old foliage when it starts to look untidy.

To check if the plant is still alive, scrape away at a stem. If there is green beneath the surface it is alive, if not I'm afraid you will need to remove and replace it. Check a few of the main stems close to the base to be certain.

I hope this helps, and fingers crossed you find signs of life!


  • Posted: Mon. 26th April 2010 18:22