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magnolia stellata

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Question from Carole Dearsley


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I would like to move a Magnolia Stellata into a large patio pot. I planted it last year and not only does it not look happy, its in the wrong place. I would much rather have it on my patio.
I believe they do not like their roots disturbed so wondered if its possible to move it now? Any suggestions gratefully recieved as I am an enthusiastic beginner.

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  • Posted: Wed. 25th June 2008 12:12


Reply from Laura Thomas

I believe Spring is the best time to move it but as you say, they do not like being moved.
Use the plant database search box above to find good info on Magnolia Stellata

  • Posted: Wed. 25th June 2008 15:00

Consult an expert

Reply from Nicola

Hi, I would advise asking an expert as moving a tree is not an easy task without it dying. Try our tree surgeons lisitng to find one (below)

http:// www.shootgardening.co.uk/sitePage.php?pageid=67&name=tree-surgeons

I think actually that the dormant period over winter might be best, but it might be even better to stagger the move in stages across a few seasons. I have heard that you should dig around the tree (allowing the bottom roots to remain intact) then back filling the hole again. This will allow the severed roots to start to regrow. It is new, small 'filament' roots which actually draw in moisture and you want them to regrow a bit so that they can be dug up and moved with the tree. Then when you dig the whole tree out, these small, finer roots will help the tree to get the moisture it needs while it is establishing itself again.

But once again, it might be worthwhile consulting an expert if it means saving your beautiful tree! Hope this helps!

  • Posted: Wed. 25th June 2008 16:11