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'breeding' crab apples

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Question from lynn whitaker


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I have just bought this crab apple tree and another one - malus evereste. Do I need two trees for them to bear fruit and is it a problem that they are two slightly different types - will they interbreed to produce a homogeneous amber fruit or will they stay distinct - one producing yellow the other producing orange? Sorry to be idiotic but I haven't a clue how trees procreate.

Yippee! Thanks Kathy - perhaps you can answer my similar question about weeping willow leaved pear.

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  • Posted: Wed. 28th April 2010 15:01

Pollination with crab apples

Reply from Kathy C

HI, Lynn,
Not idiotic at all! Both trees you bought are great choices. They are both self--fertile which means their flowers can pollinate themselves to produce fruit. Even though they are nearby, the fruit will remain true to the type you bought. In fact, both cultivars you purchased are excellent for pollinating Malus domestica - edible apple trees.
Once your trees are established and have recovered from the trauma of tranplanting, you should have a great crop of crab apples next year. You'll probably get some this year, too!
Kathy C.

  • Posted: Wed. 28th April 2010 15:52