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Wilting Tomato Plants

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Question from Jack Mouncey


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Hi All,
I put in 4 Gardeners Delight seeds on 23 March in new compost in seperate loo roll middles. They sit on a well lit windowsill. Today I noticed two of the plants are starting to wilt. The other two seem fine. The only symptoms I can see (bear in mind I am a beginner) is that on all four plants the veins on the leaves seem very purple and the leaves are a bit purple ish. They are also only about six inches tall and look a bit leggy. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Posted: Fri. 7th May 2010 17:17

Problems with loo rolls

Reply from Laura Thomas

Hi Jack

I think it could be down to the loo rolls. Last year I planted in loo rolls - sweet peas which went very leggy and runner beans which did not even shoot. This year have sown into pots with much greater success.

Loo rolls go a bit mouldy and soil compacted - search shoot forum posts for others who have had loo roll problems.


p.s. what compost are you growing them in?

  • Posted: Mon. 10th May 2010 14:17

Re: Wilting Tomato Plants

Reply from Bill Sheppard

Hi Jack. I heard on Gardeners Question Time that the cardboard used in some loo rolls contains a fungacide and this is harmful to seedlings. Stick to the 3" pot. It is tried and tested.

  • Posted: Sun. 6th June 2010 10:38