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Abutilon suntense - pruning

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My abutilon suntense is essentially made up of one branch growing straight up for almost 2 meters. It looks quite pitiful. I thought this plant was supposed to be quite bushy. Can I hard prune it back in the autumn in an attempt to get it to branch out further down the stem? Or will that just kill it?

Can anyone offer advice? Is there anything I can do to make the plant a bit "fuller"?

Thank you!


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  • Posted: Thu. 13th May 2010 10:06

Abutilon x suntense

Reply from Katy Elton

Hi Nathalie,

Abutilon x suntense should be fine with a hard pruning, which should be done in spring. Thereafter some gentle tip pruning should encourage bushier growth.

These plants tend to be fairly short lived in the UK, it's thought this is because they flower so profusely that they wear themselves out! To extend longevity deadhead the flowers as they fade. This will stop them from setting seed and so conserve precious energy.

Hope this helps!

Good luck

  • Posted: Thu. 13th May 2010 14:44

Abutilon suntense - pruning

Reply from

Many thanks, Kathy. I will do just that.

  • Posted: Thu. 13th May 2010 16:49