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possible toxic plant needs ID

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I found this in my back fence under a shaded area. It's possible my dog ate one of the nut-like things. it's growing in the ground, with the nut like seeds on top of the ground. it looked like a nut just sitting on the ground until I pulled it. Please help!

possible toxic plant needs IDpossible toxic plant needs ID

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  • Posted: Thu. 20th May 2021 21:32

Re: possible toxic plant needs ID

Reply from Simon Hickmott

These are nuts which are germinating. It's hard to tell from their manky condition, but my money's on them being acorns, or maybe sweet chestnut. If there's a chestnut or an oak tree nearby then that'll be where they've come from.

  • Posted: Fri. 21st May 2021 20:49

2 comments re: possible toxic plant needs ID

Reply from Gayle Namchuk

Once you discern the nearby trees, as per previous comment, I would talk to your dog's vet. In fact, your vet may already have dealt with this and bringing the nut in for them to see might go a long way for your peace of mind.
2. looks like at least one of them has enough new shoot left, that if you plunk it in very wet soil you might get enough growth for a positive idenfication in a matter of days.
good luck

  • Posted: Sun. 23rd May 2021 19:04