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Question from Liz


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Can you delete and/or edit My Garden. I seem to have got into a mess and lost my plants. I need two garden headings Container plants and Front Garden. Can I do this. I am finding the website a little confusing.


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  • Posted: Wed. 16th June 2021 18:16

Re: Website help

Reply from Nicola

Hi Liz, you cannot delete gardens as some members accidentally deleted in error. If you a professional member you can archive gardens.

You can rename gardens if you wish from a fixed list of garden names e.g. front garden, back garden, old garden, new garden etc.. Only as a professional can you create bespoke garden names. If you wish to create groups within your garden, e.g. bed A, bed B, etc. you can do that too. Select some plants in your plant list and use the tools menu to 'move to a group'.

You can findsome help videos for home members here.

We are also hosting some help webinars for home members too. You can see all webinars here. The next training for home members is July 22nd 2021 at 2pm.

We hope that helps?

  • Posted: Thu. 17th June 2021 08:11