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Raised Metal walkway

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Good afternoon

Im undertaking a garden redesign
One part of the project is a raised walkway but im struggling to find anyone that can help me with this.

it consists of three lengths set out in an "s" shape
the lengths are 2 x 3m by .8-1m wide and a shorter one of 2m by .8-1m wide.
the walkway would be .25m above the finished level with lights and plants under so an open appearance would be desired.
Ive included a plan and a few pictures to explain it more clearly
I’m thinking a galvanised structure bolted together on site that the grill sits in. The structure will be sat on concrete pads.
The trouble is I have no idea who could make this for me. Any ideas at all.
I’m in Devon in the uk.

Raised Metal walkway Raised Metal walkway Raised Metal walkway

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  • Posted: Thu. 29th July 2021 09:40

Re: Raised Metal walkway

Reply from Gwynneth

Depending where in Devon you are there is likely to be a forge not too far away. I Googled ‘metal forges in Devon’ and ‘Fabricators in Devon’ and a few came up. Even if you were a number of miles away, from the forge, they would no doubt deliver for you.
Alternatively, may be a local farm would have a farm worker who is good at fabricating.
I suggest you place the order ASAP as the cost of materials is increasing day on day at the moment.

  • Posted: Wed. 11th August 2021 15:57