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long grass areas when to cut

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we have wild areas in our communal garden that we want wild flowers to grow next year. when should it be cut as it is dying back?. I have yellow rattle seeds and a mixture of wild flower seeds to scatter when should they be sown?

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  • Posted: Wed. 1st September 2021 13:38

Re: long grass areas when to cut

Reply from Nicola

Hi Linda, some advice from our social media followers:

"If 'long grass' means ornamental, wait til spring to cut it back, about 6-8 inches above the crown, or else new growth is damaged. Nice to have some winter interest in the garden, too.

Check for the first frost date this fall & sow seeds at that point. They'll lay dormant over the winter, (no chance for germination). You don't want to plant them too early in autumn or seeds may sprout during a warm spell & wildflowers shoots will die off when it does freeze.

The only 'issue' with a seed mix is some var. won't germinate until they have had a period of exposure to cold. (I used to make seed balls & chuck them in snowbanks. They'd grow next spring!) But, other types do germinate before frost, so it's best to wait. Hope that helps!"

"I think she means lawn grass, in which case she needs to mow it traditionally in august. Here is a good article on it too"

  • Posted: Wed. 1st September 2021 15:55