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elephan ears Bergenia "Baby Doll"

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Question from Osvaldo


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we had our garden done 2 months ago, we went on holidays for two weeks and when we came back the flawers were dried and dead,
How do I bring them back to life if possible?

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  • Posted: Mon. 31st May 2010 11:13

Re: elephan ears Bergenia "Baby Doll"

Reply from Katy Elton

Hi Osvaldo,

The flowering period of Bergenia ‘Baby Doll’ is spring, usually April-May, so it’s probable that what you’re experiencing is the natural die back of flowers in accordance with this. Having said that, bergenias dislike long periods of drought, so if they weren’t being watered in the warm weather when you were away, this may have contributed to their die back.

Simply cut back the faded flower spikes and keep well watered, maybe mulching the area with some organic matter. Feeding them with a high potassium fertiliser after deadheading may encourage one last round of flowering, depending on where you are geographically, the conditions, and the vigour of the individual plants. Either way don’t worry. You should have another healthy display of pink blooms next spring!

Hope this helps

  • Posted: Tue. 1st June 2010 16:20