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Grey mould

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Question from O Larry


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Our Spinach were turning grey and then decay/rot. Is this grey mould (see photos)?If yes, how do I treat it? Are they affected by slug killers pellets?

Grey mould (11/06/2010)Grey mould (11/06/2010)Grey mould (11/06/2010)

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  • Posted: Fri. 11th June 2010 17:40

Re: Grey mould

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, O Larry,
I don't think this is grey mould since grey mould typically does not attach spinach. Downy mildew, however, does, but I don't think this is downy mildow, either, since downy mildew is usually fuzzier, makes more rounded patches on leaves and doesn't necessarily start at the tips of the leaves and work backward. Another disease, Fusarium wilt, looks unlikely to me as well since this usually causes the plant to turn yellow as it wilts. What this does look like in the first picture is a pest problem - at least the first photo looks like that. There is a fly that lays eggs on the underside of the leaf. Once the maggots hatch, they burrow into the leaf. They are pretty flat so you might not realise they are there and the damage doesn't look like leaf miner damage, either. If it is this pest, remove and destroy the infected leaves. Don't compost them as this makes a happy little place for these varmints to eat and grow. If I am totally off base about it being insect related, and it is downy mildew, remove all infected leaves, put more space around the plants for better air flow and make sure to water only when needed and don't water the leaves, water the base of the plant.
All the best and let me know what you think.
Kathy C.

  • Posted: Tue. 15th June 2010 18:43

Re: Re: Grey mould

Reply from O Larry

Thanksa lot Kathy, I can confirmthat you are spot on about the pests. It is exactlyas you described it.Your recommendation has been of a great help and very enlightening.

Larry O.

  • Posted: Wed. 30th June 2010 00:12