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The Tulip Lady

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In March 2010, Anna Pavord visited New York Botanical Gardens to discuss her new book Bulb. I wrote a small post on my blog in relation to books I've read and have yet to read by Anna, aka The Tulip Lady. You might be interested in having a read yourself?

http:// http://thegardendesignco.blogspot.com/2010/03/tulip-lady-anna-pavord-new-york.html

The Tulip Lady (20/06/2010)

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  • Posted: Sun. 20th June 2010 14:17

Re: The Tulip Lady

Reply from nicole61

My Name is Nicole Anderson i have small land in front my home i have to change my garden look tell me the which flowers i have to place in my garden.

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  • Posted: Thu. 15th July 2010 04:46