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The Heart of a Garden - by Jess Wynne. (Published by OSCHA)

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A GARDEN BOOK WITH A DIFFERENCE - Gardens to visit across the South West with beautiful pictures of the gardens and close-ups of many of the plants. However, what makes this book different from so many others is the text. The book is written from a fun (and occasionally irreverent) perspective and filled with history, folklore and even the occasional recipe!
I received this as a birthday present this year and it's a great book to sit and read when the gardening is finished (or if it's waiting to be done!)
There are also 2 DVD's available to accompany the book.

Further information from: www.theheartofagarden.com

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  • Posted: Tue. 22nd June 2010 19:28

Re: The Heart of a Garden - by Jess Wynne. (Published by OSCHA)

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Hi am Lilly,
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Thank you.
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  • Posted: Thu. 12th August 2010 05:44