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Has anyone got ideas for a very shady corner in my garden please?
I have a very large Pittosporum growing in the corner which provides some privacy but there is a space of about 6' x 6' that is a problem

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  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 09:29

Shade plants

Reply from Andrew Radgick

Shade can be a problem - or an opportunity!
The first question is - what is the soil like? Is it moist and full or humus or dry and sandy?
Moist shade is easier to deal with - any plant that appreciates woodland conditions will grow here. Dry shade is more tricky but there are still plants that will grow in these conditions although improving the soil with humus will help in the long run. Also, any plant that tolerates dry shade will require some watering to get it established. Ground cover plants like hedera (ivy) or vinca (periwinkle) also root as they go so are not dependent on trying to find water just in one spot. Other good things to try are epimeduims, any of the variegated euonymus, ruscus (butcher's broom) and pachysandra terminalis

  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 14:42

I too have a shady corner

Reply from Katherine Gahan

Is your corner wet or dry? Mine is quite wet. It's north facing, and backs up to a six foot wall. It's overshadowed from the south by an enormous weeping willow. It looks good in spring with primulas, primroses, anemones, bluebells etc. Anything that does well in natural woodland should be fine.

  • Posted: Tue. 11th September 2007 17:50

Shady privacy

Reply from Fi

I would try Garrya Elliptica - it's evergreen and has lovely dangling fronds of seed. It likes shade too.
Otherwise try one of the viburnums - bodnantese dawn or similar.

  • Posted: Wed. 19th September 2007 13:55

Plants for Jemma

Reply from Cris

Some shrubs to look at for your shady area are:
Sarcococca humilis, Mahonia repens, Fatsia japonica, Buxus sempervirens. For an acidic soil try Pieris japonica.

Some ground covers:
Pachysandra terminais, Euonymus fortunei 'Kewensis', Vinca minor.

Some lovely perennials:
Trillium, Meconosis, Pullmonaria

Climbers that can be used as ground cover or you can grow them up a teepee form/obelisque:
Lonicera japonica 'Hall's Prolific' or
L. japonica 'Horwood Gem' or L. japinoca var. repens.

Hope you like some of those!

  • Posted: Mon. 8th October 2007 13:36