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prune cordyline australis

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Question from Eileen Christie


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My cabbage palms took a real hit this winter. My neighbour tells me they suffered similarly about 40 years ago and recovered. However, there is no sign of any shoots so I think it must be time to prune. The question is - how much. I do not want to take them back to stumps as I like 2 trees framing the house. I have marked lines on the photo. Would this amount be OK, I wonder? Grateful for any hints.

prune cordyline australis (28/06/2010)

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  • Posted: Mon. 28th June 2010 09:57

Re: prune cordyline australis

Reply from Kathy C

Hi, Eileen,
They should sprout from where you cut. Those cuts look fine and will probably encourage more branching. Supposedly, the best time to do this is in winter, but others have reported doing it a various times of the year with no problem.
Kathy C

  • Posted: Tue. 29th June 2010 18:57

Re: Re: prune cordyline australis

Reply from Eileen Christie

Thanks for that. Actually noticed today that one is sprouting from the bottom, so now they will get some feed, a bit of surgery and I will try to grow some patience. :)

  • Posted: Tue. 29th June 2010 19:10