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New Sorbus whitebeam leaves turned brown & spotty

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Question from jenny white


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Hi I have bought 2 sorbus trees and one is a whitebeam aprox 2 years old. I have not planted it yet but have been watering it daily but some leaves started to get brown spots appearing on them and now nearly all the leaves have spots appearing on them. Its now not looking good at all and we have only had it about 3 weeks. Any advise greatly recieved as don't want to plant at the back of border incase whatever it is spreads to other plants. Thanks Jen.

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  • Posted: Thu. 1st July 2010 21:06

Re: New Sorbus whitebeam leaves turned brown & spotty

Reply from Katy Elton

Hi Jenny,

Do you have any photos you can upload? Is the other tree affected at all? From what you say, initial thoughts are that it sounds like it may be some sort of fungal diesease, possibly leaf scab, a disease which is usually associated with apples but has also been known to affect sorbus.

If this is the case try removing all affected leaves and burn, trying to handle as carefully as possible so as to minimise the spreading of spores. If this would result in removing too much of the tree you could alternatively try spraying it with a fungicide.

For an expert diagnosis you could try sending a sample to the RHS pest and disease identification service (for members).

Hope this helps, and that your specimen recovers.


  • Posted: Tue. 6th July 2010 13:15