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Making new raised beds

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Question from Fi


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Over this winter/spring I would like to make some raised beds for vegetable growing. I have an area of about 5 sq m. Has anyone any tips of what wood, how deep, type of soil to add etc. I envisage about three with bark paths inbetween.

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  • Posted: Wed. 19th September 2007 14:24

Making raised beds

Reply from Cris

It is a good idea to use untreated wood to avoid chemicals leaching into your food. Some good hardwoods would be Cedar or Oak - they will last up to 20 years. Softwoods such as Pine are good too - they will last for about 5 years.
I have used 6" x 1" planks.
A good tip someone told me was to not make the beds any wider then 1.2m wide as 0.6m is a comfortable distance to reach in from either side of the beds.

If you build the 'box', or borders to your beds, and then attach wooden stakes to the corners, you can then drive the stakes into the ground to secure the borders to the ground. Fork over the soil within the borders to ensure good drainage, and then add your compost/ soil for your raised beds. Make them what ever height is comfortable for you. I prefer kneeling, so I only made mine one plank high.

Try rotating your crops to keep your nutrient levels up, and to keep p&d away.

  • Posted: Fri. 21st September 2007 23:30

Thanks for help

Reply from Fi

Thanks Cris - that's really useful. Limiting size to 1.2m makes the task less daunting too. My daughter wants one for herself too - good news!

  • Posted: Sun. 23rd September 2007 12:23

Help with where to position vegetable patch

Reply from Emma

Hello, I'm struggling a wee bit on the forum and can't seem to figure out how to start a new post???? I'm logged in with my account but I can't seem to start a new thread.. I'm planning on doing my garden design over the forthcoming weeks in readiness to having my garden revamped over the spring and summer. I hope someone might be able to offer some guidance on where the best spot is for vegetable growing. I'm not planning on growing loads, just a few bits and bobs and was thinking of maybe 3 beds each about a metre square.... I think possible the best spot is right in the centre of the garden as it's shady at the bottom until the afternoon sun in the summer. Do I need to be offering some shade during the day for my vegetables or do I need to give them as much as possible? I'm a complete novice so I'm hoping there will be lots of guidance from the more experienced of you out there!
Any advice would be appreciated.


  • Posted: Wed. 20th February 2008 13:29

Only just seen your message

Reply from Fi

Hi Emma
Did you manage to post a thread in the end? Click on forums and there is a click for Start a new thread I think.
Have you started your veggie plots yet? I've made two raised beds in sun for peas, beans, tomatoes, salad stuff. Also a more shady area for brassicas, and half shade for potatoes and more over wintering veg.
Hope you've found lots of hints.

  • Posted: Wed. 25th March 2009 16:26

Re: Making new raised beds

Reply from a1roses

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  • Posted: Wed. 24th August 2011 10:13