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Question from Doug Mitchell


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I have this tree in my yard. It leafs normally in the spring and the near the end if June small red or rusty colored spots star to appear on the leaves. These increase in size as the summer progresses and the spots become quite large. By the fall the spots occupy half of the leaf and something begins to grow out the bottom side. I assume that it is some type of insect attack but I have never seen anything around the tree. I live in Southern Ontario in Canada.

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  • Posted: Sun. 11th July 2010 19:11

Re: Something on the leaves


Hi Doug,

It sounds like you have 'Pear Rust'. This particular rust begins life on Junipers before transferring to members of the pear family. Unfortunately, there is no chemical control for this disease, all you can do is pick-off the affected leaves, if this is possible. The only other alternative, is to have your soil tested for nutritional content, as deficiencies can cause diseases to occur. I could do this for you @ www.thefertileearthconsultancy.co.uk

Hope this helps?

Alistair Olver

The Fertile Earth Consultancy

  • Posted: Mon. 19th July 2010 19:24