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Designing planting around a pond

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I have a wildlife pond which needs attention! It keeps getting too low and I think I need to widen it a bit. Also, I have a mixture of slate and gravel on one side and wild grasses and plants around the rest. The hyssop has died, and the gunnera this year and I am left with red and white campion, some ferns and stipa grasses. Any tips would be helpful, especially with how to help the pond.

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  • Posted: Wed. 19th September 2007 14:27


Reply from Andrew Radgick

I take it the soil around your pond is reasonably moist. If so, I'm not surprised the hyssop has died as it likes sun and a dry soil (alternatively it could have been eaten by slugs!). Things like marsh marigolds, candelabra primulas, astilbes and purple loosestrife should all do well with out taking over (the first and last of these are British natives so should help the wildlife)

  • Posted: Sat. 22nd September 2007 21:17

leaky pond

Reply from john king

you've got a leak in your pond, big job but you should really drain the pond and replace the liner, but buy enough liner to lay underneath the bog garden area next to it, the reason you lost your gunnera is probably because it was too dry, the stipa and ferns would stand for little moisture but the gunnera would not survive it, when you remove the liner, take out all the plants and dig out about two feet of soil and lay a liner and push a pitch fork through across its width and length (for some drainage) put the soil back and replant, your marginal plants will thrive

  • Posted: Tue. 4th March 2008 00:34