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Question from Greenman


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Hi all this is my first post, and I was wondering if any of you had seen any paintedlady butterflies in your garden. Last year I had many sightings of them on Dames violet and Verbena bonariensis.So far this year I havn't seen any,was it the severe winter I wonder. Although I think they breed in the Med and fly here for the summer. does anyone have any further info I would be interested. they are my favourite butterflies

Paintedladies (26/07/2010)

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  • Posted: Mon. 26th July 2010 07:28

Re: Paintedladies

Reply from Nicola

Welcome to Shoot !! So happy to have you join us. I personally haven't seen paintedlady butterflies in my garden .Has anyone else? BR, Nicola

  • Posted: Mon. 26th July 2010 19:50

Re: Re: Paintedladies

Reply from Greenman

Thanks for your reply Nicola, sadly still no Painted Ladies,Red Admirals or Peacocks this year, but still hopeful.I am enjoying the site though and have begun to use the garden notebook for all my thoughts about the garden and what to do next year.

  • Posted: Sun. 8th August 2010 19:01

Re: Paintedladies

Reply from Valerie Munro

Hi Greenman

I understand that Painted Ladies are one of the most cosmopolitan butterflies in the world, and are found in all countries except South America, the Arctic and Australia - all beginning with 'A' - is this significant!?

For anyone who hasn't seen one, a Painted Lady is a beautiful specimen with a forewing that bears a distinct white bar. The hind wing has a row of 5 tiny black dots, while the upper side of the freshly emerged butterfly is orange with rose-like overtones. The underside is a spotted gray, brown, and black.

Butterflies have sensors on their wings that need the sun to fly, so essentially, they are solar powered. They are diurnal, which means they are active during the day, as opposed to the nocturnal moth. The Painted Lady has taste sensors on its legs and tiny scales on its wings that gives it it's colour.

This butterfly has a two-week life span during which time it fulfills its life cycle. And the life span greatly depends upon the climate. Usually, the Painted Lady butterfly lives for one season or cycle. These butterflies are migratory so they continually brood and do not disperse. The male butterfly will defend territory by perching all afternoon. Once the female Painted Lady finds a mate and the reproduction process occurs, she then lays her eggs on a leaf.

All these miracles packed into such a small and delicate body - isn't Nature amazing!

Auntie Planty

  • Posted: Fri. 30th July 2010 10:38

Re: Paintedladies

Reply from Andricus

You are correct painted ladies are migratory. Their overwintering range is actually in central and western Africa. During a first generation they come up to the med just when food plants in the foothills of the Atlas mountains are ready. Apparently they reach fantastic densities at that stage. With the next generation they cross the med into Spain but also directly to France and Italy from where they colonise areas further north.

Apparently there was always a question when and how they get back to Africa. But recently people pointed radar straight up and found the butterflies fly at much higher altitudes when they return...

  • Posted: Sat. 26th February 2011 15:08