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I bought this beautiful rose with the intention of growing it up a 6' 4'' rose obelisk but now realise it may need more space to see it's full beauty. I have a small cottage garden and need a rose for the obelisk in the middle of a border, which is not very large. Any ideas? Thanks

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  • Posted: Sat. 31st July 2010 08:49

Re: Gloriana

Reply from Anita Stanley

Any David Austin English climbing roses will suit here as they are not very tall & never rampant. I have Gertrude Jekyll (pink & very perfumed), The Pilgrim (pale yellow), Falstaff (red), Queen Margarete of Sweden, Sombreuil (white) and Hero (pink) growing very successfully in similar situations to yours. Suggest you take a look at their website.

  • Posted: Sat. 31st July 2010 12:36

Re: Re: Gloriana

Reply from Ann

Hi Anita,
many thanks for your advice. I have decided on the Gertrude Jekyll you mentioned..Looks a stunner and very fragrant. Found a lovely spot for my "Gloriana" I am a new member to "Shoot" and you are my first gardening pal. Thank you again!

  • Posted: Sun. 1st August 2010 17:36