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mrs robbs bonnet

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Comment from lee hooton


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can anyone tell me how to get this out of my garden it is taking over
have tried taking it out but its growing faster these are pictures of the weeds i have taking over the garden any help to get rid would be welcomed

mrs robbs bonnet (01/08/2010)mrs robbs bonnet (01/08/2010)mrs robbs bonnet (01/08/2010)

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  • Posted: Sun. 1st August 2010 10:17

Re: mrs robbs bonnet

Reply from Valerie Munro

Hi Lee,

I am looking at the pictures that you have sent, rather than your description!

The Euphorbia amygdaloides pictured is definitely the wild variety, and if my garden is anything to go by, it grows and spreads at some speed. The trick is to pull it out while it is still small. I'm afraid that weeds have great inbuilt survival mechanisms compared with their garden cousins.

The garden variety of E. amygdaloides 'Mrs Robb's Bonnet' has broader more leathery leaves that are darker green, and it spreads by underground rhizomes. It can also be invasive, but knowing how it spreads does help us to keep it in check.

The other photograph that you have sent is yellow oxalis - another plant that spreads at speed. I'm afraid that I do not allow it much space it my garden as it is very prone to a fungal infection called rust.

So I think my answer to you is to keep on top of the hand-weeding! Gardening is fun, but no-one said that there weren't times when it was quite hard work!

Good luck

Auntie Planty

  • Posted: Tue. 3rd August 2010 11:02

Re: Re: mrs robbs bonnet

Reply from lee hooton

thanks very much for answering me valerie
and bye the way do like the name auntie planty

  • Posted: Wed. 4th August 2010 09:39