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Question from e s


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I've recently bought this plant, but some of the leaves have started to curl and brown.

Why is this happening and what can I do to stop it?


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  • Posted: Sun. 1st August 2010 14:51

Re: Plant Health

Reply from Valerie Munro


Well, you plant seems to have had a name change - it is also known as Areca lutescens, or more latterly Chrysalidocarpus lutescens. The change in a name happens when botanists have more detailed information about a particular plant. - Your plant also goes under the common name of butterfly palm or golden feather palm.

You haven't told me where this plant is growing - in the house or outside in the garden?

If we look at where the plant originates - Madagascar - then we can go a long way to giving it the conditions it needs to thrive. Madagascar has high rainfall, the atmosphere is humid and it never gets too cold. I suspect from your description is that it is suffering from drought stress.

If you can tell me where you have placed the plant, then I can start to give you some remedy as to how to get it looking healthy once more!

Talk soon

Auntie Planty

  • Posted: Tue. 3rd August 2010 10:32

Re: Re: Plant Health

Reply from e s

Thanks for your reply!

The plant is sitting indoors in our sitting room. There is plenty of natural light and the room does get quiet warm.

I had read two different articles about browning leaves- but both had different views. One said it was underwatered, the other said overwatered! So I decided to post the question here before I did anything further with the plant!

Any help is greatly appreciated by this novice :)

  • Posted: Tue. 3rd August 2010 10:57