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Erysimum pruning

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Question from Kirsti


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Hi - I have one of these for the first time - should I prune it back so that it is nice and bushy and get rid of the long stems so that they can grow back next spring? or should I just leave it! not sure what to do -as you can tell I am a bit of a naive gardener at the moment!

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  • Posted: Mon. 2nd August 2010 16:19

Re: Erysimum pruning

Reply from Valerie Munro

Hi Kirsti

Is the plant flowering at the moment? If so, I suggest you enjoy the flowers, and when they fade, then you simply cut off the flower spike (about half way down the stem).

If you were to do nothing, then Nature would take over and you would see a couple of new shoots appearing all by themselves. However, it is a good idea to lightly trim these plants to stop them becoming too leggy, and then you would have to be more heavy handed, and that might be too much of a shock for the plant!

Good luck

Auntie planty

  • Posted: Tue. 3rd August 2010 07:26

Re: Erysimum pruning

Reply from Kirsti

Thanks very much for the information - yes it is still flowering and it is getting leggy - I will prune it back once it has stopped flowering.

Thanks again

  • Posted: Tue. 3rd August 2010 08:08

Re: Erysimum pruning... Too Late?

Reply from V Cunliffe

Hi I have one of these which I planted last spring and it took well with lovely flowering, I did cut back the flowing stalks but now it looks very haggard and has started to collapse in the centre with the stems very woody.It is just starting to flower, shall I leave it or should it have a tidy up? If so how? I am a complete novice but determined to get on top of the garden stock this year!

  • Posted: Tue. 15th March 2011 19:46