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wedding flowers in June

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Question from Heather Ogston


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Hi everyone looking for a bit of advice.
I am getting married June the 6th next year and would like advice on the best flowers that will be in bloom then. I am living in the western isles so although it is not very cold it is windy! My idea is to grow flowers in pots to have outside our marquee for the wedding. Any advice?

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  • Posted: Thu. 21st August 2008 20:21

Wedding flowers

Reply from Georgie

Hi Heather. I'm in London so I've looked back over what was in flower in May this year. You don't say what design or colour scheme you have in mind but my recommendations would include scented leaved Pelargoniums, Dicentra Alba and Aquilegias. There are also a number of Alliums which flower around that time which might look rather stately set amongst some trailing Vinca minor. Whatever you decide I hope you have a lovely day.


  • Posted: Thu. 21st August 2008 21:07