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Question from mike lewis


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I have a stella cherry purchased as a bare root tree last october kept in a 15" tub until february this year then planted in its growing position following all the attendant advice for planting new trees, ie good soil, blood fish and bone, with added well rotted manure.

I appear to have been infected with bacterial canker (shot holes in leaves which are very droopy and unhealthy looking) I tried systhane fungus fighter and provado ultimate bug killer during the summer with no apparent results.
I read on your site to try bordeaux mixture which I have but feel its a bit early to use it.
The other issue is could this problem have been imported from an old flowering cherry tree which is within 30 feet, this tree was badly attacked by blackfly early season (none on the stella) the flowering cherry is the worst I have seen it for the past five years and is currently dropping leaves (almost autumnol in appearance).
If the above is the case should I spray both trees with the Bordeaux mixture or even consider removal of the old tree (its abot 15 feet high)

Thanks Mike

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  • Posted: Sat. 7th August 2010 08:39

Re: Stella cherry


Dear Mike

Because, the tree is so high it is almost impossible to spray the whole tree and you would have to repeat the exercise every two weeks, a thankless task and to be honest, bordeaux mixture will have little effect on bacterial canker. The best thing to do is to feed the tree so that it is fit and healthy to fight the disease in the first place. Diseases are a sign that it is growing in a soil which is deficient in nutrients it needs to help fight infection. If possible, get your soil tested at www.thefertileearthconsultancy.co.uk and give your tree the best conditions to grow in.


Alistair Olver @ The Fertile Earth Consultancy

  • Posted: Mon. 9th August 2010 14:08