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phoenix canariensis

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Question from sharon burchell


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j have this in a plant pot in my garden i have had it for 6 wks the bottom leaves are going brown should i worry about this

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  • Posted: Thu. 12th August 2010 10:59

Re: phoenix canariensis

Reply from Katy Elton

Hi Sharon,

This is fairly normal, so I wouldn’t be too alarmed. However it could be a sign of poor drainage, as these plants don’t like to sit in waterlogged soil. The ideal situation is to have them in gritty well drained soil, and water regularly during the growing season. You should also be feeding it with something like a palm feed over the growing season.

You will need to give it some protection over the winter, and in time repot it to a larger pot.

Hope this helps? Remember to add to your ‘plants I have’ list to receive regular care instructions: http://www.shootgardening.co.uk/plant/phoenix-canariensis?referrer=%2Fplant%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dphoenix+canariensis%26amp%3Bsearch_submit_x%3D16%26amp%3Bsearch_submit_y%3D11


  • Posted: Fri. 13th August 2010 16:45